When purchasing cotton towels or bath sheets you will generally see the letters GSM printed on the label. But what does GSM mean and what is the best one for you?

GSM = Grams per square metre

Therefore the number of GSM refers to the density of the towel.  The lower the number, the lighter and thinner the towel will be (and usually less expensive). The higher the number, the heavier and thicker the towel will be (and usually more expensive). GSMs tend to range between 300-900.

300-400 GSM      Used commonly as Gym Towels, Kitchen Towels or Beach Towel.
Pros – Dries super-fast, light weight enough to carry around or travel with and generally the cheapest towels.
Cons – Less absorbent and quite thin.

400-600 GSM.     Used commonly as Bath Towels and Guest Towels
Pros – Heavier and more absorbent. Generally cheaper than high GSM towels.
Cons – Medium absorbency and weight. Generally more expensive than low GSM towels.

600-900 GSM.     Used commonly in Premium accommodation facilities
Pros – Luxuriously thick, superior absorbency and heavier weight.
Cons – Take longer to dry. Generally amongst the most expensive of towels.


Some people will like a lower GSM because they are thinner and dry quickly. Others will prefer a medium weight zero twist towel for the super quick absorbency. Yet others again will relish in the thickness and softness of a luxury 900GSM towel.  Some people will use the higher GSM, slower drying during Summer and the lower GSM, faster drying towels during Winter.

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