Where is my nearest Dimmeys Store?

We have stores in VIC, QLD, NSW, SA & TAS in Australia.  You can enter your suburb into our STORE LOCATOR and your nearest Dimmeys store address will be shown together with phone number and trading hours.

How do we keep prices so low?

Dimmeys’ Buyers are experts at finding:

  • National brand over-runs
  • End-of-range stock
  • Goods with slight imperfections
  • Orders cancelled by local and overseas retailers
  • Stock from local retailers who have closed down
  • Stock lots (a mixed lot of stock sold by Suppliers in bulk by its weight or number of units)

Essentially, we buy stock in large quantities and at low prices. In order to pass on the savings to our customers, we occupy older sites, have fewer staff and work hard to keep our overheads as low as possible.  This ensures we can maintain low margins and be true discount retailer who can help everyday Australian families get more for less with 40-70% off recommended retail prices.

Shopping at Dimmeys is a unique experience, because we’re an old fashioned, bargain basement type retailer. We pride ourselves on giving our customers bargains that cannot be matched by any other retailer!

Why do Dimmeys stores sell out of some products so quickly?

The products we buy are sometimes only available in limited quantities and demand for these products can be difficult to measure at times.  Once special purchases like these have sold out, we are unable to get more stock.  Therefore, if you see something you really like, buy it, because it may not be there next time you shop!  However we also carry a wide range of basic products at everyday low prices to ensure that some of the products you love are always in our stores.

Why will styles, colours and sizes vary by store?

When we purchase stock lots (a mixed lot of stock), we cannot guarantee that all stores will receive a full range because they usually consist of a large number of different styles with limited quantities in colour and size.  Stock lots are where our customers can find some true gems!

Why aren’t all catalogue lines available to buy from the Dimmeys online shop?

The following types of products will not be listed for purchase online:

  • Rugs and large, heavy bulky items due to the high postage costs.
  • Stock lots (a mixed lot of stock), as often we do not know the quantities we will receive per style, colour and size until the stock arrives in stores right before a catalogue begins.  It is possible however, that these lines may be made available for online purchase once the catalogue sale has ended in stores.
  • Furniture

Can you have an order delivered to an International address?

Not at this time.

What payment methods do we accept?

In our stores we accept all Debit Cards, Credit Cards excluding Diners Club, Gift Vouchers and Credit Notes.  Our online shop accepts Credit Cards, Paypal and Laybuy (Buy now, pay later!).